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50 Cent Says He Wouldn’t Mind if His Son Marquise Got Hit by a Bus


6:05 PM PT — 50 just walked his words back a bit, saying, “I have no ill will towards anyone living on this Earth. The people Shaniquois son looks up to and associates with is a reflection of the negative energy he embraces towards me. I paid his mother $1,360,000 in support to afford him opportunities I never had. They just spent it, over the years I repeated get a job now they have to figure it out.”

50 Cent‘s clearly not going for any “Father of the Year” awards … by making it known he’d be just fine if his oldest son got injured, possibly even killed, by a bus.

Fif left the shockingly cruel comment on an Instagram pic of his 21-year-old son Marquise Jackson hanging out with the son of Supreme McGriff — one of 50’s rivals.

The rapper wrote … “if both these little n****s got hit by a bus, I wouldn’t have a bad day.”


The bad blood between father and son goes back several years, stemming from the bitter relationship between 50 and Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, who sued the rapper for $50 mil. The suit was tossed in 2009.

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Since then, Fiddy and Marquise have taken shots at each other publicly on social media and in their music … and Marquise told us last year his dad’s music sucks.

As for the hate for the other guy in the photo … it presumably comes from 50 Cent’s longstanding beef with his father, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. The 2 are archenemies, and Griff — a former Ja Rule and Irv Gotti associate — allegedly once plotted to kill 50. Supreme is currently serving a life sentence for murder conspiracy and drug trafficking.

We’re told 50’s never met McGriff’s son though … and even Marquise didn’t know the full backstory when he took the photo with him.