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7 Dating Tips that You Need in Your Life Right Now


Dating is complicated. But it doesn’t need to be.

Read these 7 life-changing dating tips to find love that will last:

1. Sometimes You Have to Seek Love Out

When it comes to landing the dream job, we have no problem spending hours on a resume, going to practice interviews, and hiring a headhunter to get that extra edge.

Getting the job you want is hard. But so is finding the partner you want.

Yet, for some reason, people think that it will, and should, come so easily.

Which brings us to #2…

2. Head to where the singles are

Online dating is now the second most common way to meet someone (the first being set up by a friend). And with increased popularity comes more dating sites that do away with the one sized fits all approach to dating online.

What we mean is – you’ve got options.

3. Everything Takes Time – Especially Finding Love

It’s really easy to get fed up with the dating scene. But sometimes we need a reminder that love lasts a lifetime and you shouldn’t rush into something or give up too quickly.

If you’ve been on a dating site for a while and haven’t met anyone worthy, tell yourself that these things take patience and that you’ve got to sift through a lot of dirt before you find a diamond.

4. Don’t get stuck on one bad experience

Everyone knows someone who has either a horror story or a love story—or both—with someone from an online dating site.

Remember that no singular person could ever represent the entire world of online dating. So don’t quit because of one bad date or awful guy.

The next one could be the best one.

5. If you’re online dating, don’t go halfway

In order for online dating to “work,” whatever that means to you, you have to actually put yourself out there and be proactive.

Send the first message. Ask out the other person. Take the time to really put your personality on your profile.

6. Be present, even if it’s not a match

We’ve all been on a first date where we just know, before even sitting down, that it’s not a match. And then the lights turn off and your head goes somewhere else.

You might be thinking of your grocery list, work tomorrow, or the shows on your Netflix queue. As tough as it is, try to remain present for the remainder of the date.

You’ll never know what you might get out of it—a friend, a colleague, a new fun fact—if you’re ignoring the other person.

7. Treat strangers like friends

If you need to be late, tell your date. If you need to cancel at the last minute, call your date. If you don’t want to see someone anymore, tell that person.

Just because you met online or you don’t go way back doesn’t mean this person has fewer feelings than someone you know well.