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Author E.W. Brooks exposes Damon Dash


April 23, 2020

Brooks Explains Wrangling Her Film, Mafietta, From Hip Hop Mogul in New Tell All Book

Author E.W. Brooks exposes Damon Dash’s double life, after winning a landmark case against him, in her new expose’ packed full of reads and receipts.

Author of the 4-part Mafiettta book series, among others, military spouse E.W. Brooks is releasing her latest book, Brooks vs. Dash: The Unauthorized Taking of Mafietta, in May 2020. The novel focuses on the author turned filmmaker’s journey to wrangle her film out of the hands of former Hip Hop Mogul Damon Dash.

With bits of straight-up, round the way authenticity, and tons of country sass; Brooks lays out the saga of winning her $300,000 dollar trademark and copyright infringement case against Dash. This small book of receipts coupled with Brooks’ powerful storytelling alerts the world of Dash’s double life and failed attempt to take her film, Mafietta.

“Damon’s thievery of my film was not only a crime against me, but also one against our culture. This type of behavior disqualifies Damon Dash as an authority to call anyone outside our community a “Culture Vulture,” when he seems so determined to devour the same culture from within.

I am not an Angry Black Woman, but there is no doubt as his numerous interviews and public behavior consistently exhibit, that Damon Dash is an ANGRY BLACK MAN.”

Brooks’ novel will be available via her website www.Mafietta.com. Please contact info@theofficialewbrooks.com for interview requests.

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