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B. Smith’s Husband Moves White Girlfriend Into The Home They Share Together


In Sickness and In Health Question, do the vows “…from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part…” mean anything to anyone anymore? As many may already know, in 2013 it was publicly announced renowned restaurant owner, and former model (the first African-American model to grace the cover of women’s magazine, Mademoiselle), B. Smith was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. Since that time, unfortunately, it is safe to assume that her condition has worsened.

Specifically, in 2014 B. Smith went missing and only returned home from a trip to New York City after someone spotted her in a diner. WTF? Now we all know that men can be complete lowdown dirty dogs! So would B. Smith’s husband, Dan Gasby fall under that category?  Gasby has literally made many of us gasp for more air after he went public to brag he has moved his white girlfriend, Alex Lerner into his marital abode, while still caring for wife, B. Smith. Straight BS! In a Facebook post he gloated: “To steal the title from 50 Cent & The Game…Hate it or Love it!  You can debate, but for me I’m just feelin’ great! Life’s to short to ask for a rebate so I’m gonna surf thru life before it’s toooo late!!! #whylie”   Screengrab – Facebook What would B. Say?

It is almost impossible to know what B. Smith would have to say about all of this. According to The Washington Post; Dan has told her that Alex is his girlfriend, and he said it doesn’t seem to register. And so a sea of Internet critics has taken up her cause. “You don’t bring your mistress in the house where your WIFE lives. She’s not dead,” one wrote on Facebook this month. “She’s having her lifestyle funded by a black woman, and this white woman didn’t have to build a thing with you,” a YouTube vlogger inveighed in one video that’s racked up more than 100,000 views and thousands of unsympathetic comments. Did He Ever Really Love B. Smith?

Despite the pair being married for 27 years, it’s hard not to question if Gasby ever really loved B. Smith. Am I trippin or does it seem like he has taken full advantage of B. Smith’s memory loss? Why not leave and allow someone else to be Smith’s caretaker? But some would say while their marriage has ended, he’s still loving his wife till the end. Who is Alex Lerner? Is Alex Lerner a homewrecker? According to reports, Gasby and Lerner met in the summer of 2017 at a Hamptons bar. Lerner stated she had socialized with B. Smith before after various charity events, and even went so far as to say “What I admire about him is that he takes care of her”. Is the world so small that you have to take another woman’s man?

Specifically another women who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. That’s just heartless. Despite public criticism, Gasby’s daughter from a previous relationship supports the living arrangement and her dad’s additional relationship with Lerner. What do you guys think about this situationship?