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Call+, Rings in 2015 with 100% Free Uncapped Landline Calls to the USA, Canada, UK and 13 Other Countries


PRNewswire/ — When January rolls in, millions will experience a small shock of terror as they pick up their cellphone bill to see the dent their Christmas and New Year long-distance calls made to their finances. Calling across the country and the world is downright expensive but, for the first time, a new App is allowing its users 100% free and uncapped calling to landlines in over a dozen countries.

Call+ is a fairly new player in the telecoms world; an App developed by Webaoo USA Inc. that allows users to obtain 24 hours of unlimited calling to 85+ countries by completing a quick and free in-App offer. While Call+ has always provided no-offer-required uncapped calling to landlines in the USA, Mexico, China and Brazil,December 25th opens the floodgates to over a dozen new additions.

As of midnight, 100% free and uncapped usage will cover:

USA + Hawaii (landlines and mobiles)
Canada (landlines and mobiles)
UK Landlines
Ireland Landlines
Mexico Landlines
China Landlines
Brazil Landlines (Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio, Belo Horizonte only)
France Landlines
Italy Landlines
Portugal Landlines
Norway Landlines
Sweden Landlines
Denmark Landlines
Netherlands Landlines
Israel Landlines
Thailand Landlines

“For what we believe to be the first time in telecoms history, Call+ users can call all of the above countries absolutely free of charge,” explains Alexandre Gonzales, pioneer of the BlueVox-powered Call+ platform. “As the App handles calls over a smartphone’s data/Wi-Fi connection, there are no extra charges and it’s just like making a Skype voice call, except to an actual landline.”

Continuing, “All users can also enjoy our traditional unlimited messaging and App-based calling and, for 85+ countries not on our free coverage list, completing a one-minute in-app offer allows 24-hours of unlimited calling.”

The platform is powered by Nevada-based BlueVox, a US Telecom Carrier registered by the FCC.

“Users just have to download the App, register their account and they’ll be ready to call when the new countries go live at midnight on December 25th. They will never put their hands in their wallets and can set aNew Year’s resolution to never pay long-distance or international calling charges again!” Gonzales adds.

The Call+ App is available now for iPhone and Android users: http://www.callpl.us.