Monday, November 29, 2021

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Current News includes news from around the country which includes politics, sports, business entertainment and more.  All the news that matters to you. The Urban Sentinel is a digital and print publication in La Plata, Maryland.  The Urban Sentinel features national, state, and local news.  Furthermore, we feature community news, events, reviews, exclusive interviews, and entertainment. We also distribute our print edition FREE in the local communities of Southeast DC, Prince George’s County (MD), Charles County (MD), nationally, and soon we will be going global with the print edition.


Our mission is to create awareness of national and local news and events.  Additionally, we provide valuable information and content to our readers that are both educational and entertaining. We also offer a powerful platform to advertise your business, events, and services either nationally or to the community. To learn more, you can visit our advertising page and see your options here. Finally, if you would like to submit news or write ups for our review and consideration, please contact the publisher.


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