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Charles County Politics and Voting:  I’m Not Complaining, I’m Just Sayin’


Charles County Politics and Voting:  I’m Not Complaining, I’m Just Sayin’

By Derrick N. Terry

As a proud Democrat, military war-veteran, and Charles County resident, I am uneasy that our current Democratic Candidate for State Senate District 28 has been missing in action and/or has remained silent about his continuation of smear campaigning.  Whether military or a basic citizen, I cherish such words as honor, integrity, accountability, humility, service, preparedness, and faithfulness to our nation and fellow mankind.  A past and current smear campaign filled with deceptive and misleading ads is not reflective any military veteran yet alone someone who is seeking an elected office.

During the primary election, it was not about Democrat or Republican but rather self vs. self.

Some of these same people want us to unite during the general election for one common cause without even owning up to their own divisive tactics. Instead, some individuals as well as ill-informed social media groups, have chosen to perpetuate racism and sexism by promoting race, gender, and negativity for the sake of winning what?  What will we achieve as a county if we continue to stay divided based on the same platform that is currently dividing us now?  The future of Charles County is going to be determined not by political parties but the diverse ideologies that make Charles County a great place to live.

I understand Charles County is majority Democratic. However, this election is about local not national politics which not directly address our local issues.  Although I may not agree with everything my fellow and local Republican, Green, or Independent parties present, I do believe we agree more than we disagree.   It is irresponsible for either party or some so-called we care about Charles County social media groups to continue using the same scare tactics and shenanigans.  Instead, some in my Democratic Party hide behind their own hypocrisy and cowardliness when they are replicating the same behavior they claim of the opposing party.

Is this the image and reputation we want our youth witnessing every election?  This is an insult to democracy and the republic for which we stand, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.  Regardless of who was/is in political power there has NEVER been a time in U.S. history where it has been great for all Americans, but, we all have the God-given ability to make it better!

Voter education starts with researching candidates as well as attending free public forums.  Don’t allow others to educate you with false, negative, and hateful ads but rather with truthful, issue-oriented, and adult-like ads.  If you don’t like the message, then change it!

When you go to vote I am requesting you don’t vote Democrat, Republican, Green, or Independent.   Don’t vote Black, White, Straight, or Gay. Don’t vote Man, Woman, Christian, or Muslim– VOTE SMART!