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“From the Plantation to Prison”


“From the Plantation to Prison”

Jay Arrington November 13, 2018

In the kingdom of God, there exists an order in which man should operate as it regards his (man) authority i.e. over family, possessions etc. For the purposes of this commentary I will discuss the order regarding the family and in particular its importance within the black community. According to 1 Corinthians 11:3 “But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a wife is her husband, and the head of Christ is God.” This verse is important for what it says and more important for what it does not say. It does not say that the husband is head of the household.

There has been no institution as important or held in such reverence in the black community in America than that of family. Torn apart from original family members in Africa the varied tribes found that once in America or wherever they (members) landed that prudence demanded the forging of new alliances with former friends and in some cases former enemies, which meant also the forming of new families. Not only did these new alliances provide comfort but they (alliances) also gave rise to the realization of the importance of family structures and cohesiveness.  After all nothing forges friendships more than being chained together or suffering persecution together.

A few years ago, I posted the “Willie Lynch Manifesto” which outlined in detail the methods a slave owner should employ in order to break a slave as one would break a horse and bring that slave or horse into submission. For any of you that read that manifesto you noticed that the target of any such discipline physically was the husband but mentally the wife. Targeting the mental state of the wife meant that the wife’s mind became a slave to the threat of violence and therefore it was the threat of violence that the wife would raise her offspring to fear.

The slave master knew even in those days that removal of the head of the wife meant the destruction of the black family in its present form and that the subliminal threat of violence toward future generations would ensure subservience in posterity. Through one act of violence, the slave master accomplished 1) the removal of the man mentally and/or physically 2) control over the woman and her state of mind 3) in addition to capturing the woman the slave master has captured the child’s state of mind, a significant and relevant occurrence.

After the Civil War, black men became targets of white law enforcement and were frequently arrested and charged with anything from loitering to walking while black, sound familiar?  Subsequently, excessive fines were imposed on the men. Fines the authorities knew the men could not pay and as a result, these men were placed into labor camps and forced to work in coalmines, on farms etc. a practice that endured post World War II. Not only did this aide in subverting the illegality of slavery it also resulted in the removal once again of the black man from the home leaving the woman and her children vulnerable to the demands and the whims of those in power (white men).

I will not belabor the many aspects of this trend deliberate as it is, because time does not allow for in depth outlining. Therefore, let us fast forward to present day America and examine the state of the black family, as it exists today.  Take a good look around you. What is it about the black family that you notice that reminds you of anything that you have read thus far in this commentary? Have you noticed where many black men are? Have you noticed the cavalier attitude that some black women have regarding whether there is a man in their lives or the lives of their children (mental state) (grown accustomed to it)? I would qualify that statement, but I have enough faith that black women will know that this is not a broad-brush statement.

Have you noticed that the age of black men going to prison is dropping every year? Have you noticed also that the age of black men dying is dropping every year? Have you noticed that the things we did not know until we were grown, children know before they are in their teens (corrupt them while they are young)? Have you noticed that we think it is cute (mental state)? Have you noticed that the notes we passed in school have turned into porn passed on phones and we say my child needs that phone (corrupt them while they are young)? Why do they need that phone? Did you need one when you were in school? Schools do not have any courses that require phones (mental state).

Have you noticed that we still cannot walk down the street while being black, drive while black and more recently barbecue while black, or worse sit in our own apartments without fear of incarceration or death? Have you noticed that the white man does not need you anymore my beautiful black sisters because he has what he always wanted, your children (vicious cycle)? Have you noticed that we have been moved from the plantation to prison (nothing new under the sun)? Kill the head and the body will die.