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Let Go My Glucose Book Review

Let Go My Glucose talks about my personal journey with diabetes and after being told I was diabetic the first stage I went into was denial. I stayed in that stage until I had my first symptom, and I realized my doctor was not lying to me. This is the stage that everyone I have personally come across have gone  through so I wanted to write my book about denial of the disease and bringing it to the fore front as much as possible and let everyone read my story. Everyone needs to get a handle on this now not later after diagnosis. I want everyone to read about someone who is just like them. So I wrote down everything this disease can and will do to your body if you don’t get a handle on it as soon as possible.
Author Bio: Danielle Batiste is a best selling author and speaker. Danielle is a native of Louisiana but currently lives in Newport News, Virginia with her husband Floyd and son Brandon. Her husband and son are very much a part of her “why” in fact they are her inspiration to serve the world as a speaker and author.
Purchase a copy of my book at www.daniellebatiste.com