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Live Your Truth and Break The Cycle


Stacey Henry-Carr

Transformation Coach/Speaker/Author


Stacey Henry-Carr is a transformation coach, speaker and the author of the riveting book Live Your Truth and Break The Cycle. Her coaching practice Stacey Henry-Carr LLC specializes in helping clients walk away with a break-through in any area of their life. She has always had a passion for helping others to become their “best” selves. Stacey’s two decades of leadership, training, and career development has equipped her with a proven track record to help guide others in their journey of discovering their passions and living their true intentions.

Stacey has overcome her own life challenges which strengthened her will to serve others and deepened her desire to change the corrosive legacy from her family. She knows that her true legacy to her children will be the lives she has touched by way of motivating, and inspiring others to transform. She advocates for bringing awareness and healing to people who have struggled with childhood traumas.

Stacey’s warm approach with her clients reaches as far as India and Africa. She stated that “technology makes it possible to reach clients globally, because there are so many people around the globe searching for answers and guidance”. She knows she is walking in her purpose because helping others is like “food for her soul”Her positive approach to healing makes it easy to have a conservation with her, and you walk away feeling like family. Her warm smile, inviting attitude, and caring demeanor is a welcome addition to the people she has coached and worked with.

One of her client’s quoted, “Stacey and I had a recent coaching session, and not only do I have a new outlook on life, she also gave me some affirmations that I can continue to use to increase my progress. She is kind and considerate. I did not feel rushed, she makes you feel like family. I would recommend her to all my family and friends”.

Stacey has a blog where she writes healing articles: https://staceyhenrycarr.com/blog/

A positive and healing social media presence:

https://www.instagram.com/p/B9IdopMBQoi/                                                                           https://www.linkedin.com/in/stacey-henry-carr-b97634ba/


Her book link: https://staceyhenrycarr.com/live-your-truth-and-break-the-cycle/