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Meet Dr. Viola G. Thompkins


At the young age of 23 many adults haven’t even visited 2 or 3 countries, so to be 83 and have visited (and worked in) 23 countries is certainly an impressive feat. Dr. Viola G. Thompkins was born in 1936 and just recently released her first book, ‘From Possum Corner to Russia and Around The World’ that journals and tells her life story. Her wisdom, testament of faith, and inspiration to those she touched around the world can be found between the pages of Dr. Thompkins’ new release. This book is a must read for men and women of all ages.
Dr. Thompkins is a resident of Georgia. She is available to speak worldwide at colleges, conferences, literary events, and as lecturer for Historical events and programs that focus on theology, culture, history, and sociology.
For media, public relations and scheduling email Corretta@CorrettaDoctor.com. You may purchase your copy of ‘From Possum Corner to Russia and Around The World’ on Amazon.com and other major book outlets. To purchase an autographed copy email Corretta@CorrettaDoctor.com.