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Missy Elliott’s Marie Claire Cover Really, Really Hot

“There’s no one like Missy. No one,” the rapper said in the August 2019 issue of Marie Claire.
It’s not just gossip, folks ― Missy Elliott is Marie Claire’s August cover star.

Styled by June Ambrose, photographed by Micaiah Carter and written by Ashley Ford, the profile is a joint effort of excellence. Elliott looks stunning in an array of looks as vibrant as the singer herself, not to mention an extremely fitting “Iconic” necklace and purple lid done by Alexandra Butler that will make you, well, lose control.’

In the profile, Elliott opens up about her upcoming new music (!), her decadeslong career and her affinity for collaborating with and elevating other artists. The Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee and recent honorary doctoraterecipient might just inspire you to tap into your own creativity, and perhaps even soothe your social media anxiety in the process.

“I want to be able to encourage those who don’t go viral,” Elliott said. “A lot of people out there that have 452 or 100 followers may be talented. I want them to not feel like they have to do what everybody else is doing to gain that attention. Just be you. It’s going to catch hold somewhere.”

Mic drop. Or rather, mic put down, flipped and reversed.

Check out the interview at Marie Claire.