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National Bar Association’s Letter From The President – Where Would We Be Without Women


With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an illness that plagues countless women each year, I thought it fitting to pay homage to those who laid the groundwork for the success of the NBA, our women.

Undeniably strong and indisputably fierce, the women of the National Bar Association are our rock. Continuously doing work that often goes under appreciated— they deserve to be recognized for their invaluable contributions.

In the words of Constance Baker Motley, “I reject the notion that race or sex would [should] bar [a lawyer’s] success in life.” Accordingly, tackling the issue of equal pay for women is a priority of my administration.

Recognizing that our women are first to act and remain the last in the trenches ensuring all others taken care of and often neglecting themselves, we are also dedicating the annual Gertrude Rush Dinner to the success and wellness of the black woman lawyer.

While society’s recognition of your efforts and value may be lacking, know that this month and every day, the National Bar Association recognizes and is thankful for the invaluable strength, grace, and tenacity of women lawyers.

In Service,

Joseph Drayton

76th President

National Bar Association

President Drayton Makes It a Priority to Support Women Lawyers

President Drayton recently attended the Association of Black Women Attorney’s Installation in support of NBA Member Tanya Block, Chair of the NBA Legislative Committee. ABWA does great work in NY!

President Joe Drayton was present to salute the work of Immediate Past President Ericka Mason and the HNBA’s great future in the hands of Newly Installed President Jennifer Salinas.

All Rise is a LinkedIn community for anyone interested in advancing women and underrepresented lawyers in the legal industry. President Drayton recently guest hosted the page.

Click below to listen in to President Joseph Drayton discussing diversity issues facing the profession. http://www.hustleandflowpodcast.com/86