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Parker McKenna Talks New Show With Lauren London “Games People Play”


Parker McKenna said she sees a lot of herself in her character Laila James in the new TV series “Games People Play.”

The new BET show follows three L.A. women – and a philandering athlete – whose lives intertwine, and McKenna said she can relate to her role as a struggling actress who capitalizes on social media to boost her career.

“My character is pretty juicy,” McKenna told BOSSIP by phone from L.A. “She’s from LA and she’s very sexy and she uses that to her advantage…I just liked the way it kind of shows the reality of what us actors go through on a daily basis, getting turned down and not getting the job based on your talent. It can be like a popularity contest…I like what my character represents for actress and women in my age group.”

Games People Play

Source: Images provided by BET/Viacom / Images provided by BET/Viacom.

McKenna said she got to get close to fellow co-star Lauren London, whose work as an actress she admired while growing up.

“She’s a real ass girl and I love that about her, “ McKenna said. “I admire the way she carries herself as a woman.”

McKenna said she’s also trying to be there for London, whose fiancé, Nipsey Hussle, was murdered in L.A. last month.

“I love her,” she said, “and we’ve all grown to become a family, and we send her love and want to be there for her to lean on.”