Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Simone Biles wins Sixth U.S. all around title and ties the record!

Simone Biles standing next to a body of water© Getty ImagesBiles hit a skill that no woman has ever done, for a second straight night of competition — this time a triple twisting double somersault on floor exercise — en route to winning by a hefty 4.95 points over Sunisa Lee.Next up: October’s world championships, where Biles will be heavily favored to extend her female record with a fifth all-around title. She will undoubtedly lead the five-woman team that is named after a September selection camp.

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But first a few more notes on nationals.

Biles tied Clara Schroth Lomady‘s record six U.S. women’s titles from the AAU era in the 1940s and ’50s. Biles didn’t dominate like she did last year, when she won all five gold medals after taking 2017 off from competition. She only won four of the five.

But she increased her already unmatched difficulty with that floor tumbling pass (the triple-double) and a double twisting double somersault dismount off the balance beam (the double-double) that she threw Friday.

The difficulty has been the difference in Biles’ second Olympic cycle. From 2013-16, her largest gap in difficulty over an Olympic or world championships field was nine tenths of a point. Last year, it was 2.7 points at worlds, where Biles won despite two falls and a kidney stone.

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Biles made headlines upon arriving in Kansas City by training in a leotard with the image of a sparkling goat’s head designed into the back. She then tearfully expressed dissatisfaction with USA Gymnastics for failing to protect her and other Larry Nassar survivors.

Biles comfortably led after Friday night but said she wanted to walk out of the building 15 seconds into her first routine, when she overcooked the triple-double and put her hands down on the landing. She later used an expletive to describe her subpar uneven bars set before finishing with the double-double off beam.

Angry, she vowed to come back Sunday and hit the triple-double. The GOAT delivered.