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Subject: racism inspires racism

Subject: racism inspires racism

The Socratic Speaker views any subject and asks “Why”.

Will you join the new “Socratic Speaker

that includes seeing, thinking, asking WHY, and acting?
A hummmm moment: 😲
…Nothing to fear but fear itself? Rethink that ….
What will we tell our children about Hope and Opportunity in America today (land of the free).45 says:
Congresswoman Maxine Waters has a low IQ🤔

He says Don Lemon of CNN is dumb 🤔

He Removed Black Americans from the “WHITE House”

Called Latinos criminals🤔
Insulted the intelligence of Labron James.
– 45 is using the ignorant
“Old Line” antebellum philosophy that all blacks are lazy, dumb and have less intelligence.
—– thinking——-
“Hatred and bigotry” have no place in America and the good people who truly support the U. S. Constitution must stand up for justice, equality and freedom.

Ask yourself, Why 45 vigorously attacks successful black people who endorse the educate of our children, why he attacks people who oppose his dark views concerning the taking away of the President Obama-era health insurance, and why 45 launched war against black NFL players who kneel to stop the senseless murdering of blacks within communities across the nation.


Ask why he hates President Obama and all the successful programs  The President and First Lady Michelle Obama  brought to bear thus enabling our great nation to continue pursuing a path of greatness.

Why has he vowed to destroy “ALL” the good President Obama created! Why?

And too, ask yourself WHY the most unethical person to occupy the Oval Office attacks the most Ethical President this American nation has know.

Wonder why 45, allegedly the son of a KKK, lies and repeats those lies over and over again to keep Latinos out of the country, black out of the WHITE House and refers to Nazis as “good people”. 🤔
Get the message?
Are you beginning to see?If your vision remains unclear, ask any civil rights generation Senior black American and I’m sure an education process will begin.

If you wish to discuss “Racism in America as it today flows down like a mighty stream” by all means let’s do so.

Question is:
Where do you stand😲

         Let’s talk soon.
Stay tuned to The Socratic Speaker Facebook site for further updates and discussion sessions.
Wake up:image1.jpeg
— The Socratic Speaker
🙏🏾. Your Vote Matters

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