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The Changing Face of Charles County Politics


The Changing Face of Charles County Politics

By Reginald Kearney

Last night the face of Charles County Politics was changed as we saw a changing of the guard in a key race. Arthur Ellis used his first run for political office to upset longtime state senator Mac Middleton. Senator Middleton has been in Annapolis for 24 years and he was the Chairman of the Finance committee and he was often mention as the person who would become Senate president once current Senate president Senator Mike Miller retired. Soon to be Senator Ellis ran a tough campaign and Middleton was never able to react to Ellis’s campaign strategy. There is no republican challenger for Ellis in the November general election.

Former commissioner Reuben Collins was successful in his bid to become the county’s next Commissioner President after facing Brian Klass and Peter Murphy. Murphy was the incumbent who many people thought would retain his seat.  District 2 Commissioner Debra Davis was also successful in her bid to become a state Delegate representing Charles county by winning her primary bid. Congratulations are also in store for all of the other candidates who won their races on yesterday. The general election will be held on November 6, 2018.