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The Rearview Mirror of My Mind


The Rearview Mirror of My Mind

Author C. NaTasha Richburg, MBA, MIS

CEO, CNR Ministries, LLC

Founder, C. NaTasha Productions



My life as a wife, mother of four, and information technology executive has required a delicate balance to meet the daily demands and expectations of others. Even so, occasionally daily activities require a measured tussle between entities that depend on me for completely different reasons. I don’t know whether individuals struggled most with my role as manager due to my skin pigmentation, gender, or vertically challenged position in life, but working as a manager was not the happiest stage of my life. When the season of childrearing and managing corporate teams was bygone business, I was blessed to become an empty-nester with a husband who relishes my company.  We have journeyed into a season of “renewed teenage love.”

The future for this season of life began with my gaze into the rearview mirror of my mind. The rearview mirror reflected the experiences of parenthood now colored in beautiful images of well-mannered adult children with families of their own.  Melvin and I blissful synergized memories of The Richburg children as our pride and joy filled our hearts with reminiscences of sweet baby love.  A byproduct of this period rang in harmony with the symphony of voices asking questions such as, “How’d you do that?,” “What’s your secret?,” “Can you watch the kids?”  The outpouring of questions stirred a desire to pen a book that addresses the number one question: “What is the secret of our 36-year marriage?”

Purposely reviewing my personal journal entries for gems of knowledge contributed to the deep understandings that hindsight generates. Thus, hindsight revealed the premise of The Richburg’s marriage strategy through the pages of my journal. The book discusses the ebbs and flows of our marriage. It offers the reader an inside glimpse into how we have navigated our marriage.


Excerpt from Chapter 8: Pillow Talk

Melvin and I engage in pillow talk. Pillow talk includes taking the time alone to do what married couples do in the marriage suite. We learned to communicate with our minds, bodies, and souls. Our pillow talk content has evolved into something very magical and special. We know how to make each other smile. Remember, healthy pillow talk starts outside the bedroom. Some women may be like me with a need to socially “warm up” before the bedroom “fill up.” In other words, sex starts outside the bedroom.

In this season of life, Melvin and I are regarded as empty-nesters, which includes refreshing episodic “date nights.” This is the best season of our married life. It is our hope that some of our life experiences provide the reader with insight into relationships. Even though this is a book about The Richburg marriage, it is also a book about the importance of teamwork and having a marriage strategy. Also, if you are not married, this book will help you develop teamwork strategies that are valuable for any good partnership.  C. NaTasha Richburg books are available on Amazon.com.

Websites: www.theCNRministries.com & www.cnatashaproductions.com

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